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Winter filming can end up with frozen fingers.

MARCH 20, 2019

The next adrenaline experience took place in winter. Filming a snowboarder in a free ride zone at 2024m also known as the windiest place of the mountain range had many challenges. Temperature of -15°C and random wind variations between 7-9 m/s were making it nearly impossible to take off. The tablet was shutting down, the control aplication was showing false errors, and by the time it was working the battery was to cold. It took heating up the battery 5 times before every successful take off. Once we finally had it in the air the drone was thrown arround like a pink-pong ball even though operating in GPS mode. Finally we got it under control and the in the meantime "frozen" snowboarder got the GO sign. The mission was successful however this one ended up with a couple of frozen fingers, luckilly recovered after a while.

You can watch the video at HERE